A Shade Greener Contact Number: 0845 519 1598

To get free solar panels and reduce your electricity bill by 50% annually, phone 0845 519 1598.

You can also send an SMS text message to 64446 with “solarpanels” right at the beginning.

For any typical person, the electric bill constitutes a big chunk of the monthly expenses. This is why any legal method of lowering one’s electric bill is very much welcome. A Shade Greener is one such company that provides such a service. This company has MCS, REAL and RECC certification making them a reliable provider of their service that’s recognised by the UK government. The great thing about their service is that it’s absolutely free for the homeowner and recipient of the installed solar panels.

A Shade Greener is able to do this, because of the Feed-in Tariffs paid for by the government. To put it simply, A Shade Greener provides totally free solar panels to you, the homeowner; you get a big reduction in your electric bill and A Shade Greener gets paid by the UK Government for the electricity generated by the panels installed. It’s a Win-Win-Win situation, if there ever was one.

Call A Shade Greener

You can phone A Shade Greener on 0845 519 1598,

As noted above, you can send the company a text with “solarpanels” at the beginning and send it to 64446. They will then call you back whenever it’s convenient.

A Shade Greener Online

If you’re already interested in getting solar panels from A Shade Greener or if you want to learn more about their services, then read their FAQs page here: https://ashadegreener.co.uk/faqs

By reading these questions and answers, you’ll be able to get a much better grasp of how they will be able to help you or how you can make sure that you or your roof becomes a suitable candidate for their free solar panels.

If you still have a question, then you can fill in their query form here: https://ashadegreener.co.uk/contact/

They promise to try and answer your email within 48 hours.

A Shade Greener on Social Media

You can also check them out on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/ashadegreener 

Another social media channel A Shade Greener frequents is Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+ashadegreener