Malaysia Airlines Contact Number: +603 7843 3000

Call Malaysia Airlines to talk about a flight booking or an experience you had aboard one of their planes on this number +603 7843 3000.

Malaysia Airlines is one of Malaysia’s major players in the field of air transport and is also Malaysia’s flag carrier. They have been around since 1947 under their former name: Malayan Airways Limited This precursor company was then split up into two airline companies just after Singapore’s separation from its mother country. The two airlines are Singapore’s flag carrier, Singapore Airlines and Malaysian Airline System, another former name of the current Malaysia Airlines.

From the 90s to the 2000s, they targeted their international flights customers with their marketing campaigns using the slogan, ‘Going Beyond Expectations’. Their current slogan is, ‘Journeys are made by the people you travel with.’ Instead of putting emphasis on their network of flights, they put the spotlight on their cabin crew and their ground personnel who are always hospitable and helpful to their air passengers.

Malaysia Airlines currently has 75 aircraft active that fly to more than 50 destinations worldwide.

Phone Malaysia Airlines

When you’re about to travel, it is only natural that you want to learn more about the airline company or your flight and destination before boarding. To do this, you can call the Malaysia Airlines call centre on 1 300 88 3000 if you’re currently in Malaysia or on +603 7843 3000 if you’re outside the country (International call rates apply).

This number is available any time of the day and you can contact their customer service representatives with queries about booking flights, ticketing, cancellations and delays as well as any general enquiry you might have.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have lost your baggage during one of their flights, then you can call their Missing Luggage Office on +603 8776 3733. You can also try checking their Lost & Found line on +603 8776 3742.

If you’re a member of the press and would like to do a story about Malaysia Airlines, then you can call their press office on 1 300 88 3000 if you’re in Malaysia or +603 7843 3000 if you’re outside of Malaysia.

Email Malaysia Airlines

If you are a member of the press wishing to enquire about news in relation to Malaysia Airlines aircraft, you can also send an email to:

Feedback Contact Form

If you want to let them know about your thoughts on their company, their flights and their personnel, then you can make use of the feedback form found at bottom of this page: