Co-op Contact Number: 0800 068 6727

The Co-operative operates in many fields – one of their more popular departments is Food, which you can contact on this phone number: 0800 068 6727.

The Co-operative Group is the latest incarnation of such an association of co-ops but it traces its origins to 1844 in the form of the Rochdale Pioneers Society. It was during the succeeding decades that co-operatives banded together to form a co-op for co-ops. It is in this tradition that the Co-operative Group continues to do business.

The Co-operative operates mainly not for profit but for the sake and well being of its members, who are themselves the co-op’s own customers, members and owners. They operate businesses and stores in a wide range of fields making things convenient for their members by providing easy accessibility. They do this with a network of about 3000 stores nationwide. They operate in such fields as food, bank, insurance, travel, electrical, legal services and funeral care.

Co-operative Group by Phone

If you’re interested in the Co-operative Group’s electrical services and products, then call this freephone number 0800 2800 111.

If you want to contact the Co-operative bank, then call them up on their 24 hour hotline on +44(0)345 721 2212.

If you want to contact Co-operative’s travel department, then call 0844 879 8835 to book a holiday or 0844 879 8874 if you’ve already booked a holiday.

If you’re interested in legal services, then call them on one of the following numbers:

0844 728 0151 for conveyancing,

0844 728 0140 if you want to make a will,

0844 728 0150 for personal injury,

0844 728 0435 for family and relationship injury,

0844 728 0145 for probate,

or phone 0844 728 0152 for employment law.

If you’re interested in becoming a Co-operative member, then call them on 0800 023 4708.

The Co-op via email

To email the Co-operative Group about an element of their business, write to:

The Co-operative on the Web

You can find a member store here:

If you would like to contact Co-operative’s food department to make enquiries, then call them on 0800 068 6727.

You can also email them by filling in this online contact form here:

You can also select the Insurance Department you want to call from their directory here:

If you want to contact Co-operative’s funeralcare, then email them by using this form:

The Co-operative Group via Post

If you prefer to practise your penmanship, then write to their customer service team at:

The Co-operative Group,
Customer Careline,
Freepost MR9473,
M4 8BA,
United Kingdom.

The Co-Op’s membership department address is as follows:

The Co-operative Membership Department 10703,
1 Angel Square,
M60 0AG,
United Kingdom.

If you’re interested in their insurance services, then contact them by writing to:

The Co-operative Insurance,
PO Box 67,
GL17 0ZA,
United Kingdom.